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Speech Proficiency

If you have a child between the ages of 8-9 months, 12-13 months, or 17-18 months, you can have them participate in this fun and short study.

In this study, we use kids’ eye movements to try to understand if young infants know the meaning of common words. Participation in this study involves the following:

  1. filling out a couple of questionnaires (about 5 minutes);
  2. completing a fun and interesting task with your child (5-10 minutes). During this task, you will be asked to have your child seating on your lap in front of your computer screen. Then, he/she will see several interesting pictures and hear different words. The session is audio and video recorded for posterior coding of your child’s looking behavior in response to the words presented to him/her.

Call us at (865) 974-0514 or email us at to schedule an appointment!

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